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Basically drag and drop the token. First open the MAIN TAB by clicking on the goblin icon in the top left corner of the screen, then select the tab named with the type of token, lets say “Monsters” for example and continue until a tab of tokens appears below. At last, drag the token from that tab to the board.
how to play dndhow to play dnd

Drag the token to the trash can below the main tab in the left corner of the screen. You need to open the tab first. You can also delete all of them at once by using the clean button on the map selection panel.

Click on the camera icon in the map panel to load maps for free. To load tokens from your gallery, you need to purchase the “Dungeon Master pack” and use the camera icon in the tab that appears below.

Close all the menu tabs and click on the token. The health bar is only displayed when the menu tab is closed.

Open the menu tab and click on the token character that is already on the board. The token only flips when the menu tab is opened. Npc character tokens flip 360 degrees if you keep clicking while the lifebar already is displayed.

Yes. You can set the values ​​by clicking on the fields marked bellow and slide the bar to control the real time life value. You can also roll your d20 die by clicking on the die icon.

You must grant access to your gallery. Normally, when you click on the camera icon, you are asked for permission to access your gallery. If this didn’t happen or you clicked to never ask for permission again, you need to grant access to your gallery using the device’s own settings. A short video example: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zoMmK-cYAao

You can also try entering the codes below “perm” to find out if you’ve given the app permission to access your gallery and “askperm” to ask for permission again if you haven’t blocked it permanently. You need at least version for this.

Please try another map with smaller size in MB. Be aware that you are using a smartphone, not a PC, and the memory your Android device has may not contain the amount needed for a huge map image. When not using a paid server, loading depends entirely on your device’s memory capacity.

No, you can’t. A cloud service would be needed for that function and right now this can not be sustained. Sorry, I know you wanted to save your stuff. However, the “Dungeon Builder” tile system can save the pre-made tiles in the same position you put them before.

Yes, the dungeon created using the Dungeon builder with tiles can be saved. However, only the dungeon map, not the tokens on it, be aware of this. You have to click on the SAVE button , and it will be saved, so the next time you open the app, the dungeon builder will already have the tiles in the same order you left them. Notice that you will still have to open the dungeon builder panel and click “apply and build” to display it again. This method saves only one (1) dungeon, if you click to save twice the last one will overlap the previous dungeon.

Yes. You need to purchase the Dungeon builder pack for that. Then, click on the “generate random” until you find the result is great and then click on “apply and build” ! You can also control the rate of special rooms that will appear in the generated result.

Click on the center of the board on the black area of the canvas. When the tile blinks and pulses, it is selected for you to customize it using the green arrow.
dnd android vtt

You can use it on android and mirror it on the TV using chromecast. Check this video for more info: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vXg_8lPQ8dg

You need internet connection to verify your packs. Please check if you really purchased the packs, some people cancel the transaction before or after its done. If you really did purchase a pack, you have to know that GOOGLE considers that only the account which email you used to purchase that pack has access to it. Therefore, if you changed your smartphone, you need to have the same email account to access the pack, otherwise there is no way GOOGLE knows you once had it. It has nothing to do with the app, but with your android device and GOOGLE allowing your access to what you had. If even then you think you lost your packs, you can try the “restore” code below:

Any other problems, please contact using the form on the website.

Please go to the PLAY STORE and update your app to the latest version.

Since there is a cost to maintain the app, I am an independent  developer and had to pay artists to create most of the tokens. Some people say the tokens are too expensive and they should be always free, but in fact, I had to pay a hundred times (x 100) the in-app cost upfront to the artists to withdraw the tokens before putting them to sell as additional packs and that was totally a bet, return not assured. It would not make sense to pay some one to create the content and put it out for free, only stolen content is free (and also illegal to use). Part of this budget came from Patreon (because Patreon support could not cover the entire cost). 

A bug may have happened between updates, please go to the play store and update the app to the last version and it may be fixed already. Please go to the PLAY STORE and update your app to the latest version. Otherwise contact support using this website.